Customized & EPIC!


Collect rings like the pros with highly affordable, 3D printed, resin rings utilizing SLA technology that's finely tuned to 25 microns!

Each ring is unique and original. Our designs include amazing details like: year, team name, record, and nicknames of your season MVPS. Other championship rings do NOT include high custom details like this, as injection molds are all the same.

Celebrate next seasons draft and steal all the glory with these finger nuggets.

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Custom Text To Add

FYI: Less letters means the overall letter height size will be larger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this design for my Flag Football League?

A: Sure. That's how this all got started! Our design team can remove the "fantasy" text on the football.

Q: How long does the creation process take?

A: About a week. 3D printing at this high of a quality requires multiple steps beyond design and print. There's curing and drying between multiple coats, which just takes time. With SLA technology, the "object" is printed with form supports or little pegs. These supports need to be detached, sanded, and washed before coatings are applied. There's a good deal of work that goes into creating an original ring.

Q: If I misspelled a name on the form can we change it?

A: Sometimes, yes. Depending on our creation queue, some batches won't start for 24-48 hours after ordering. We want to make the turnaround quick for our customers so email asap if you notice anything. Otherwise, if it's already printed we consider it non editable and you would have to order a new one.